Scottsdale has quickly become a hotspot for bachelorette parties. Trendy hotels line the main street, each curating a different vibe. Among them sits Hotel Adeline. Built in the style of a classic 60’s motel, the boutique property features eclectic decor, retro furnishings, and a lively pool bar serving classic cocktails. Tropical house music pulses in the distance, and after a long flight the pool looks inviting. We’re standing in the lobby, feeling out of place in black hoodies and jeans. 


Several months prior, on a zoom call from our studio in Richmond, Adeline’s marketing team explained that their needed photo and video assets that matched the vibe of the hotel. They had clean pictures of the rooms and the amenities, but they needed content with talent. “Nothing is too crazy” they said. “And we want a drag queen in the pool.”

We spent an hour on the phone and determined they needed heavily stylized content with talent enjoying the property. 

Ask and we shall deliver. 


Our team spent four days in Scottsdale capturing photo and video content. We sourced models from a local agency and staged quirky scenes throughout the hotel. Our stylist provided multiple outfits for each of the cast members, and worked alongside our cinematographers to ensure every shot was pristine. Juxtaposition was a reoccurring theme, and we pushed the cast to spark genuine moments in each location.

Throughout the films we aimed to show a loose connection between all the characters, without telling a linear story.

Deliverables from the shoot included 30 and 90 second video edits, and 200+ edited images. Edits took about three weeks. 



“I couldn’t have asked for a better partner than the Altamira Team for our hotel’s content update!  We had a blast throughout the whole shoot, got everything we wanted and more, and the final products were amazing.  They will remain on my speed dial for any upcoming projects we have.”


Ryan Thomas – Director of Sales and Marketing, Hotel Adeline

209 E. Broad Street
Richmond, VA 23219

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