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The Design Futures Council (DFC) is a DesignIntelligence gathering of architecture and design leaders who explore global trends and opportunities to shape the future of architecture, engineering, construction (A/E/C) and design. Meetings take place every quarter in a different city and each meeting explores a different topic. We partnered with KM Digital to create marketing assets for the DFC. Over the past two years we’ve attended DFC meetings in several cities and heard from a variety of interesting speakers. Deliverables from each event include a short highlight film and a collection of photos. 

Conferences and corporate events are often held in dimly lit event spaces that are not ideal for photography. We compensate in a few ways. Our collection of cameras and lenses are optimized for low-light performance. In addition, we always shoot the social aspects of the conference, drone footage of the city, and detail shots of the people and decor. This results in much more interesting content than if we had stayed within the confines of the conference room. 

One of our favorite things about filmmaking is that it gives us the ability to step into someone else’s shoes for a day. The DFC attendees are some of the best and brightest minds in the AEC industry, and the guest lecturers follow suit. In New York we heard from Moshe Safdie who designed the iconic Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore. In La Jolla we heard from  Jonathan Salk whose father created the polio vaccine. We always leave DFC events feeling a little bit smarter than when we arrived. 

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