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We partnered with KM Digital to create visual content for the DeWalt X Flags of Valor collaboration campaign. Flags of Valor (FoV) is a veteran owned company that creates handmade, wooden American flags. Over the past two years we’ve done several shoots with the FoV team, capturing short videos and product shots for their entire line of flags. When FoV partnered with DeWalt, they asked us to help create a campaign announcing the partnership. We shot this video over three days, capturing footage at the Flags of Valor workshop and DeWalt’s corporate headquarters. Deliverables included a 60-second spot, a 3-minute short film, and a collection of photos. 

 Below is the extended cut that includes interview footage with Jon Howland, DeWalt’s Vice President of Vertical Markets. Being a veteran himself, Jon connected with Flags of Valor’s story and catalyzed the partnership with DeWalt. After interviewing Jon at the DeWalt headquarters, we had the opportunity to explore DeWalt’s extensive demo facility and try out their full line of products. 

As part of the partnership, DeWalt delivered truckloads of tools to Flags of Valor’s workshop in Northern Virginia. We were on-site to capture the delivery and interview William Munkres, DeWalt’s Trade and Event manager. William explained in detail why the partnership with FoV makes sense for DeWalt. Below is an alternate cut we created about the delivery.

Altamira has been the best film production company we have worked with since launching four years ago. Their eagerness to work outside the box, travel all over the country and their ability to truly understand who we are as a company/brand was very evident in their video/photo capture. We are constantly being complimented on our photo/video assets.” – Brian Steorts, Founder Flags of Valor

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