Good Shot Judy is a nine-piece swing band based out of Williamsburg, Virginia. We’ve had the honor of working with them for several years, and have created a variety of content including music videos, show recaps, and brand partnership films. Last year, the band approached us with the idea of creating a music video for their rendition of this classic Nat King Cole tune. We shot the performance footage on a soundstage in Richmond, and shot the b-roll sequence in Williamsburg the next day. The video premiered on Valentine’s Day.


“Working with the team at Altamira has been amazing and beyond fun! These talented people have brought my vision to life over and over and have increased my brand recognition tenfold. I can’t say enough good things about Altamira.” – Brett Cahoon, Good Shot Judy

We shot the performance sections at BES in Richmond, Virginia. This was our first time renting their soundstage, but the location worked perfectly and the team at BES was very accommodating. We’ve since built a relationship with the BES team and we rent their space frequently. For this shoot, Good Shot Judy provided the light up LOVE letters and we built our lighting setup around those.  

In addition to the LOVE music video, we’ve created several other videos for Good Shot Judy that we’re proud to show off. The two videos below showcase some of the other projects we’ve created with the group. The first video is a short film we created to announce Good Shot Judy’s partnership with Virginia Beer Company, and their limited edition collaboration brew. The second video is a highlight film from the Good Shot Judy show in Virginia Beach. We’re excited to continue working with GSJ in 2020.  

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