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We spent a week in Palm Springs shooting photo and video content for the Hyatt Regency Indian Wells Resort. The hotel recently opened a new waterpark and needed fresh photo & video content for upcoming campaigns. Hyatt Regency Indian Wells has two distinct demographics – families looking for a weekend getaway and adult travelers who want an upscale hotel experience. We created two sets of videos for  each demographic. Final deliverables included 150+ edited images and separate 30 and 60 second video cuts targeted at both families and adults. 

For this project we shot with a three person team – photographer, videographer, and lighting assistant. We arrived on a Monday and did our scout that afternoon. We shot with talent all day Tuesday & Wednesday, and shot remaining drone/exterior/pickup shots on Thursday. The team at Hyatt coordinated the talent, and we worked together to develop a shooting schedule that worked best for everyone involved. The hotel was fully operational throughout the entire shoot. We shot all waterpark footage in the early morning to avoid disrupting guests, and all the food & beverage shots were captured at off-peak hours. We take measures like this whenever possible, and we take pride in knowing the property can stay fully functional with the shoot taking place. 

This was our first hospitality shoot since the start of COVID-19. Our team made sure to abide by all local and state guidelines to keep everyone safe and out of trouble. We wore masks while shooting at the indoor locations, and we designed the schedule in a way that encouraged social distance. The hotel and their corporate team were both adamant about capturing evergreen content that can be used indefinitely, and we purposefully avoided shooting scenes in which someone should have a mask on. You’ll notice the server’s face is cut out in the food & beverage shots. Being in southern California worked in our favor, as the hotel has ample outdoor space. 

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