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Our team partnered with KURSZA to create photo and video content for the electronic artist KSHMR on his 2019 World Tour. The artist and his management wanted their visual content to incorporate cultural elements from each city – not just the live show. This collection of short films was created to showcase KSHMR’s global presence in the electronic music community.

We built time into the schedule to shoot footage and explore each city. In India we shopped through local markets and played a game of soccer with kids in the street. In Portugal we wandered the tiny streets of Porto and tried the local foods. These outings made for great content, and quickly became an important piece of the comprehensive content plan. If the artist was unavailable, we’d still go out and about, collecting drone shots and interesting streetscape footage. 

“Nick’s energy creates for magical moments, photographs and videos among the best I’ve seen in the music business” – Niles Hollowell-Dhar (KSHMR) 

New York, Toronto, and Weeze hosted The KSHMR Live Experience – an electronic show featuring a live orchestra and a troupe of dancers. These shows required additional preparation. The music director and orchestra flew in a week early for rehearsals, and the KSHMR touring team arrived a few days before the show. We captured photo and video content at orchestra rehearsals, dance rehearsals, the KSHMR Masterclass, and the show itself.  

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