We’ve created photo and video packages at fourteen different properties under the Omni Hotels & Resorts umbrella. This portfolio collection showcases some of our favorite pieces from an extensive body of work. Our relationship with Omni began several years ago at the Omni Homestead. Our work caught the eye of the corporate marketing department, and since then we’ve partnered with Omni Corporate to provide a standardized photo & video package for any property in need of new assets.


“We have been partnering with Altamira over the past year and they have always been an absolute pleasure to work with. They have consistently produced high quality content for us and gone above and beyond what is asked of them. We’re excited to continue fostering the relationship for years to come.” – Marissa Marak, Omni Hotels


Starting several weeks before the shoot, our team works with the hotel to identify optimal locations, hire talent, and build out a storyboard and timeline for the project. The shoots are typically booked over a four day period, which includes a full property location scout on the day we arrive and two full days of shooting. We travel with a three person team that includes a cinematographer, a director of photography, and an assistant. Oftentimes the corporate marketing team will have someone join us on-set to help oversee the production, however we’re happy running the shoots on our own if the team isn’t available.

In addition to camera and audio gear, our team provides all the necessary lighting equipment needed to complete the shoot. We often shoot at properties far from home, and we’ve begun establishing a good relationship with several gear rental houses across the country. We now have the ability to get the gear we need in every major city. In addition, our team is fully insured for both liability and damage, which allows us to rent anything and work virtually anywhere.   

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Thank you for your interest in our work. We would love to help bring your project to life. Please send us an email at one of the following addresses:

General: info@altamirafilm.co
Commercial: nick@altamirafilm.co
Music: nick@altamirafilm.co
Wedding: cory@altamirafilm.co