We worked with UVA Health to create this short film about the Stiffler family. At a routine doctor’s appointment, Jen & Shawn Stiffler discovered that their daughter Scout had an undiagnosed congenital heart defect. The family turned to the experts at UVA for emergency treatment. After a miraculous recovery, the family again faced their worst nightmare when their second daughter Penn was born with a similar condition. Once again the family turned to UVA Health for a high-risk surgery to save their infant daughter’s life. We spent two days with the family and created this film to tell their story. 

We spent day one shooting at the Stiffler’s house where we conducted the interviews with Jen & Sean. Talking through all these memories triggered emotions for the parents, and we tried to capture that raw emotion in the final film. On day two we met the Stifflers at the UVA Children’s clinic in Richmond, where they went for several checkups after the surgeries. There we interviewed members of the surgical team who operated on Penn, and captured b-roll of the family with the doctors. UVA Health is a well-respected health care system and we’re honored to have had the opprotunitiy to tell this story.  

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